About Enhance IDM!

Enhanced Programme Leadership for Inclusion and Diversity Management in Higher Education

Enhance IDM! aims at developing tools and trainings for study programme leaders in order to improve their diversity competence and equip them with the means and concrete skills necessary to deal with the demands and needs of an increasingly heterogeneous student population.

Programme leaders occupy a central – albeit often overlooked – position within higher education institutions. They supervise and regulate access to their programmes, they are responsible for the design and implementation of curricula, as teachers they are present in the classroom and they also act as supervisors to other teaching and administrative staff. Thus they play a vital role in implementing IDM measures at higher education institutions and in creating more inclusive study environments.


In the course of the project five intellectual outputs will be generated:

  • A survey measuring programme leaders’ attitudes towards inclusion and diversity mangement and their approaches and methods currently used in their study programmes. The survey also served as an initial needs assessment guiding the development of the other outputs.
  • Multi-media resources and video material on IDM scenarios in higher education, dealing, for example, with situations like violence on campus, holding fair admission interviews or students with dyslexia.
  • A blended-learning training-programme for programme leaders focussing on awareness raising as well as the development of concrete measures to be applied in study programmes consisting of a workshop (face-to-face meeting) and an e-learning component
  • A freely accessible IDM toolbox providing further practical methods and tools
  • An online self assessment measuring one’s own awareness, general attitudes and competences/skills in dealing with student diversity

For more details visit the “Outputs”-section of this website.

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