About Enhance IDM!

Enhanced Programme Leadership for Inclusion and Diversity Management in Higher Education

Enhance IDM! will develop tools and trainings for study programme leaders who aim to improve their diversity competence and help them to foster diversity awareness of their staff and within their higher education institution.

The project addresses mainly programme leaders as they have direct influence on development and adjustment of new study programmes within the higher education institution as well as on their subordinates (teaching staff, administrative support personnel). A diversity management trained programme leader acts as role model and is able to influence their administrative and teaching staff which subsequently leads to increased diversity awareness of all students. Diversity management at higher education institution is a means of increasing access to higher education for greater numbers of students.

In the course of the project five intellectual outputs will be generated:

  • Analysis of programme leaders emerging needs regarding diversity management and inclusion
  • Web-based trainings for IDM scenarios in higher education
  • Blended-learning training-programme on IDM practices for programme leaders
  • IDM-Toolbox
  • IDM-self-assessment (based on the HEAD wheel)

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