First IDM Workshop for programme leaders took place in Linz from May 14-16th, 2019

The face-to-face part of our Blended Learning on Inclusion and Diversity Management took place in Linz from May 14-16th, 2019. Twelve Programme leaders from our four partner institutions participated in the three day event.


The training featured an interactive mix of formats: team building exercises that also served to reflect one’s own “diversity”, classic content input, developing concrete action plans for  implementing IDM-measures in the study programme or discussing critical diversity incidents in the group. Most importantly, the training focused on the exchange of experience and perspectives with international colleagues. Among the most talked about issues were staff engagement – how to get staff and management on board and interested in the IDM agenda –  or intercultural challenges with international students.


Here is some of the feedback we received, thanks again to all the participants!

It was good to have a forum to discuss IDM and very interesting to see where different countries are in how they respond to these issues. The training was well prepared and delivered and welcoming and inclusive! Many thanks for this and the hospitality.

I really liked the interactive sessions and mixing up of groups,  looking at some frameworks that I can take back to my team

Friendly group. Good interactive learning and exercises

Having the opportunity to hear about practise at other universities and similarities and differences in what we all do.

I really do appreciate having had this opportunity and have thoroughly enjoyed working with colleagues from across the four universities