Blended-learning training on IDM for programme leaders

The tailor-made blended learning training consists of two parts: a face-to-face training  with programme leaders from our four partner institutions which took place in May 2019 as well as an e-learning.

It is set up to improve programme leader’s (PLs) diversity management competence and to show PLs how to either newly develop diversity-sensitive curricula or how to adapt existing curricula to this aim. Thus, learning outcome of this training programme will be:

  • Programme leaders are able to design inclusive curricula in order to improve student attainment for a diverse student body
  • Enhanced diversity management competences


The blended-learning programme contains:

  • General awareness-raising for diversity issues (along the lines of the HEAD Wheel), e.g.
    • development, application, and interpretation of diversity indices
    • development of diversity actions along curriculum design
    • connecting curriculum design to institutional diversity management activities


  • Extending diversity competencies for programme leaders dealing with processes of curriculum design as well as creating inclusive teaching and learning arrangements, especially
    • develop graduate learning outcomes
    • identify and deal with stakeholders (e.g. students, staff, administration, employers)
    • relate different external drivers (e.g. faculty, university/management, government/educational policy, labour market) to student attainment
    • provide organisational flexibility (e.g. full-time/part-time studies, face to face/face to interface teaching & learning)
    • support the set-up of inclusive modules including learning outcomes, learning environment, and (formative as well as summative) assessment
    • supply support for student engagement and wellbeing (e.g. office hours, mentoring, tutoring, counselling, collaboration, and peer-learning)
    • encourage students and staff to continuously improve the curriculum
    • evaluation and quality enhancement