The EnhanceIDM Team participated and presented at the following conferences and events:


FHK ERFA Gender Mainstreaming und Diversity Management, 17 – 18 June 2019, FH Campus Wien

The project team presented the blended-learning training. Especially the structure of the e-learning modules was met with great interest by participating diversity management officers.


2. Konferenz des Netzwerks Hochschulforschung Österreich “Between Rigour and Relevance”, 22 – 23 May 2019, Wien

Shortly after the first face-to-face workshop the project team presented the concept of the blended learning training and experiences gathered in the process.


Cross Cultural Business Conference, Steyr, 16 – 17 May 2019


SRHE International Conference on Research into Higher Education, Newport, Wales, 5 – 7 December 2018

The EnhanceIDM team participated in the Annual Research Conference of the Society of Research into Higher Education at Celtic Manor, UK from December 5-7th, 2018. The title of the conference was: The Changing Shape of Higher Education: Can excellence and inclusion cohabit? The team presented the first results of the re-analysis (“Programme leaders’ attitudes towards inclusion and diversity management – First Results of an International Survey”) to an interested and informed audience in the field of higher education research and professional HE development


VINCE Workshop: 20 November 2018, DUK, Krems

The FHOO project team cooperated with the fellow Erasmus+ project VINCE on issues pertaining to the recognition and validation of prior learning. These topics represent an integral part of the envisaged online-learning modules on “access to higher education”. During the VINCE project meeting/workshop in Krems on Nov. 20th, 2018 the Enhance IDM team presented selected results of the re-analysis online survey as well as the structure of the e-learning modules, with particular regard to access and the recognition of prior learning. In addition to the mutual dissemination of results, VINCE project leader Isabell Grundschober further agreed to participate as an expert in a video-training on the validation of prior learning


Expert Conference: The New Student: Flexible Learning Paths and Future Learning Environments, 20 – 21 September 2018, FH der WKW, Vienna

The project team participated in the higher education expert conference bringing together policy makers, researchers and experts; information leaflets on the project were presented and handed out during the conference.


40th Annual EAIR Forum 2018 Budapest, 29 – 31 August 2018

Presentation of the project and survey results within the 40th annual EAIR forum at Central University Budapest, Track: Social Dimension of Higher Education.


The National Association for Disability Practitioner’s (NADP) International Conference, London, 25 – 27 June 2018

After successful completion of a peer-review process the presentation of the survey results was met with a high degree of interest by the UK audience, including inclusivity practitioners as well as representatives from higher education institutions. Very good feedback, the audience was particularly interested in the position of UK respondents within the survey. A representative from a Belgian university of applied sciences expressed interest for his institution to take the survey.


Diversity Camp at FH des BFI Wien, 4 June 2018

Bar Camp Format with around 100 IDM practitioners from HR, politics, marketing, CSR and higher education.

Presentation of the survey results in a separate session track; dissemination of information of the project within the plenary session; exchange with diversity practitioners. Dissemination/posting of HEAD Wheel video on the event’s social media outlet


Cross Cultural Business Conference, Steyr, 16 – 18 May 2018

Following a peer-review process, a presentation was accepted. The first results of the survey were presented to an international audience, including a large group of international students. A poster presentation was also prepared for the event.


Teaching Day / 6th Tag der Lehre FH OÖ in Linz, 8 May 2018

A project poster was presented at the 6th Tag der Lehre FH OÖ, an expert forum for didactics in higher education