The Laurea team published two new articles on diversity and unheard student voices

Tarja Chydenius, Sari Haapa, Ilona Rönkä: Student diversity is a big deal

Every year, many students put their studies on hold or drop-out completely. Why? The reasons are, of course, numerous but we keep hearing one excuse: “It just wasn’t my thing.” What then, is the students’ ‘thing’? Read more

Keempee Labi , Tarja ChydeniusVoices Unheard: “I am not different.. I am diverse”

Challenges on diversity matter to higher education institutions. These schools should increase academic mobility and students’ heterogeneity.  I came to Laurea to study in a pursuit of enhancing my career path in social and health care, with both excitement and agitation. I was excited to encounter different people with diverse cultures and views, yet agitated, because of a fear of not being able to integrate and succeed in a foreign institution. Read more