Online self-assessment

A self-assessment process can support the development of a strategic organisational diversity management implementation. The EnhanceIDM self assessment for programme leaders in higher education is intended to serve as a useful vehicle to measure personal and institutional development. If taken at regular intervals, it can measure changes in attitudes and approaches towards inclusion and diversity management and offers higher education institutions and its staff the opportunity to assess individual and collective progress over time. It also works as a tool for the assessment of diversity awareness before, during and after IDM-related interventions.

The questionnaire addresses attitudes towards the current IDM discourse and awareness of one’s own unconscious bias. Also, approaches and methods out of the IDM repository and the extent to which they are currently used and applied are dealt with. Finally, a competence-score is calculated.

It is important to note that the EnhanceIDM self assessment is not a validated psychometric testing tool, but rather, an informal way of reflecting upon one’s own attitudes and approaches to inclusion and diversity management. It is primarily intended to encourage reflection, points respondents towards the issues at hand and opens up the scope of IDM-related issues in higher education.

The online questionnaire can be accessed here:

The survey is fully anonymous, no personal data are stored.


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