Blended learning training taking place in Linz May 14-16th, 2019: Join us!

Our tailor-made Blended-Learning Training aims at supporting programme leaders in dealing with the demands of an ever more diverse student population.

The first part of the training (face-to-face) will take place on May, 14th-16th  2019 in Linz followed by e-learning modules.

The following issues and topics will be addressed:

  • How to attract new or non-traditional students?
  • How to create more diversity-sensitive learning environments?
  • How to reduce dropout or increase retention in my programme?
  • How to deal with challenges arising from students‘ heterogeneous backgrounds in teaching?  (for example with regard to previous professional experience, disciplinary or educational background, language proficiency, different levels of participation in the classroom)?
  • Input on flexible assessment methods
  • How to prepare my team/staff for dealing with a diverse student population?

 The training will offer practice-oriented advice and recommendations developed on a sound empirical Basis.


If you are interested in participating please contact: 

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